What Sets Our Practice Apart?

Aspiring Clinicians - Karen George

Are you planning to take a year off before grad school?

Aspiring Clinicians - Karen George

Did you just miss acceptance
into a grad program?

Aspiring Clinicians - Karen George

Are you a “career changer” looking for more experience in the field?

Aspiring Clinicians - Karen George

Are you completing an online Master’s program?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, we have a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you!

“As an experienced clinician, I know first hand that the field of speech-language pathology is highly competitive and, at times, very challenging. When I was first starting in the field, I was fortunate to have excellent mentors who helped me to find my niche in the field and build a thriving practice. I am continually amazed by how far Chicago Speech Therapy has come.

Now, I want to help other aspiring clinicians find this same success and sense of fulfillment.”


Speech Therapy Practice Associate Program

The Speech Therapy Practice Associate (STPA) program is a unique opportunity for aspiring clinicians looking to gain more clinical experience in the field. The ideal candidate for the STPA program might be a top student who just missed acceptance into graduate school, a graduating student who wants to take a year off before beginning graduate school, or a “career changer” looking to gain more experience in the field before beginning graduate school.

In the STPA program, aspiring clinicians have the opportunity to drastically improve their graduate school application by playing a direct role in the operations of the speech therapy practice, observe top clinicians, and work in CST Academy, the practice’s thriving therapeutic preschool-style program. Senior clinicians also provide one-on-one support with crafting resumes, statements of purpose, tips for applying and interviewing with schools, as well as helpful strategies for mastering the GRE.

The field of speech-language pathology has become ultra-competitive, and we are committed to helping dedicated aspiring clinicians succeed in the field. In speaking with graduate admissions officers, we have gained insight into the application process and understand what makes an application stand out.

For students who are currently completing an online Master’s program, the STPA program offers completely unique experiences that will make your resume stand apart when applying for a clinical fellow position.

We can happily say that 100% of STPAs have gained acceptance to graduate school after completing the program!

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Program Highlights
  • Opportunities to work in CST Academy
  • Shadowing and observation with top clinicians in Chicago
  • One-on-one guidance for grad school applications
  • Workshops for personal statements and resumes
  • GRE study sessions and tips
  • Learn about the ins and outs of thriving speech therapy practice
  • Build relationships for strong letters of reference

Do you still have questions or need more information from a top pediatric speech-language pathologist in Chicago?

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Do you still have questions or need more information from a top pediatric speech-language pathologist in Chicago?

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